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Glass Waterwall Mastery Course

Five lessons, each with 3-4 short & illustrated topics. Even if you are not a professional plumber or a craftsman, it will be a piece of cake to build your first waterwall. We will simply take you step by step on this great journey!

The course includes: explanatory videos, technical plans ready to print, descriptions of mechanisms, checklist and shopping list. 

Planning for your project

Mindful planning is the most important and often most difficult part of the waterwall development process. Plan lets you and your team members know exactly how to assemble the construction. It’s also necessary for the metal workers, who would produce the stainless steel parts. Without a good plan, even most beautiful project can become a tremendous failure.

Wawazen offers you to make the planning for your personal or business project – entirely or partially. This includes: sketching, design of piping, shopping list, to-do list. You can also outsource the true-to-scale drawing to us.

Become our Partner!

Wawazen Business Partnership is for professional craftsmen or entrepreneurs, who want to include waterwalls in their offer. With our help, you can get a lot of happy high-end customers and additional income of e.g. 30.000 euro per year. Waterwall is a lovable product and clients who are buying it are great people to work with. There is plenty of space on the market – it’s still a blue ocean! You will get access to the 15 years of our know-how, personalised marketing package, community support and much more.



Built Waterwalls

Years of experience

Hi there!

My name is Markus Retek and I want to improve the waterwall market. My mission is to help you to become successful with waterwalls and waterwall business. What I’m offering to you is to join one and only in the world waterwall (and other water features) development school. It’s a priceless support for anybody who wants to start or make progress in this area.

I started to build waterwalls 15 years ago. There was no community, no know-how, not even a small ebook about how to do it. Years of experience showed me that some people would rather keep the secret than let others learn. The result is that a lot of beautiful projects are tremendous failures – broken, stinking, loosing the reputation.

Join. Let’s make a lot of beautiful waterwalls together. Let’s earn good money. Let’s make a change!

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